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Beautiful Belize

This winter I took a holiday cruise which included the port of Belize City, Belize. I had never traveled to Belize so this was the perfect opportunity; with the fares rockbottom. My Friend Mary - who incidentially is MS Buffalo...
Posted on 23 Mar 2003

Two Days in St. Petersburg

Russia continues to be more restrictive on its tourists than other European countries. In order to enter Russia you must secure a visa from a Russian Consulate in the United States, costing $60 each. The visa was waived if you...
Posted on 10 Oct 2002

Romantic Prague

I had hoped to be able to get to the hotel from the train station using the subway system and my two-year-old memory of the streets of Prague. I found the right subway stop, but took a wrong turn on...
Posted on 10 Oct 2002

A Visit to Montmartre in Paris

When we emerged from the subway and entered the street scene we understood exactly what she had meant. We were in a bustling, working class neighborhood filled with a myriad of people of varying nationalities. Obviously a melting pot neighborhood....
Posted on 10 Oct 2002

A Day in Krakow, Poland

I awoke in my Katowice hotel room just before my small travel alarm clock went off, and I showered quickly. I pulled on a white tee shirt, blue jeans, and walking shoes. Inside the pocket of a lightweight jacket I...
Posted on 10 Oct 2002

The Great Wall

I could hardly contain my anticipation for Monday’s tour. There were a couple of stops scheduled along the way, but the day’s bus ride was going to conclude at The Great Wall of China. I was fairly sure that this...
Posted on 06 Jul 2002

A Day in Beijing

We arrived at the China World Hotel around noon on Saturday, China time. We had lost a day crossing the International Dateline. The hotel was five star in all respects and could rival any Hyatt Regency that I have ever...
Posted on 06 Jul 2002

Water Festival in Bangkok

There is something about landing at Bangkok Airport that is special… least to the male members of our family. This was the country where, twenty years ago, we negotiated and landed our first large international contract. During the ensuing several...
Posted on 26 May 2002

The Bardo Museum

The museum is just four kilometers out from the centre of Tunis (the capital city) on the light rail. Everyone knows where it is, so if you get lost, just ask. You will be astonished at the number and quality...
Posted on 07 May 2002

Bhutan: Monsoons and Miracles

To plan a trip to Bhutan, email Tshering Pem at [email protected]. To learn more about nature in Bhutan, email the Royal Society for the Preservation of Nature at [email protected]. Any help: Contact me in Hawaii at: [email protected] September 2001
Posted on 30 Dec 2001

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